“Great day surfing!”

Booked on a beginners surf tour at the start of January and had a brilliant time. It is good value compared with other surfing lessons I saw around Sydney and the ferry over to Manly is a must do in Sydney anyway so no better way than to combine the two! There were 5 of us to one instructor so you feel like you get enough time with them. We were met straight off the ferry and driven up to the beach for the day (there were alot of other people on the beach so don't expect the surf all to yourself). I had tried some surfing about ten years ago so may have had a tiny advantage but Danny made me feel like a pro and I really felt like I progressed throughout the day. It is tiring and not all the group were still going at the end so I would only go if you're comfortable battering through the waves! As a side point I tan easily but forgot to put lotion on the back of my legs and I completely sunburnt them so they should maybe make sure it's passed around at the start and at lunch (50+lotion provided) as I was very sore the next day and still have a wetsuit line nearly 2 months on! All equipment and lunch provided and the instructors are great so if you want to learn to surf get yourself booked in with Manly Surf Guide, you will love it!