10 tips on how to improve your surfing

1. Go surfing every day.

If you were to only do one of these ten tips, this is the one to do. Try and surf everyday, even if it just for 20 minutes before work or after work. Or if its 1 foot and onshore winds with seaweed and blue bottles, just get out there! The ocean rewards you for it. Ever wondered why all the best surfers in the water always get the bombs. Its not just good luck, they surf a lot and have developed good wave knowledge. Surfing everyday keeps you on your toes and you stay in a good rhythm. Sydney is pretty consistent for waves and i think there are only about 20 flat days a year, so no excuses get out there!

2. Stretch

Being flexible is really important for your surfing. If you are really stiff you surf stiff and have a stiff style. Keep nice and flexible and you will have a nice loose style. 5 minutes a day is all it takes.

3. Strong legs and core

Having strong legs and core is really good for your surfing. You can get really low in your bottom turns and get a lot more power in your turns. Fanning is a prime example, he has supper strong legs and a strong core. Having big arms and pecks does nothing for your surfing. Paddle power comes with fitness and the only way to paddle better is to go surfing and paddle, not lift metal.

4. Have a quiver of boards

There is no such thing as an all rounder. 0-2 ft you need a sick little fish, 2-6 ft you need a nice short board, 6-10” ft you need a nice little semi gun. I think surfing different boards is great for your surfing.

5. Surf different beaches and waves

Surf different waves and beaches. Go on surfing trips and surf the world. This is really good for your surfing and your soul.

6. Surf with other good surfers

Watch how they surf and let them inspire you not intimidate you.

7. Ride good boards

Don’t buy boards that are made in China for the sake of saving $100 or $200. Get good boards and support your local shapers.

8. Have a good wetsuit

Don’t skimp on a cheap wetsuit, you pay for flexibility and warmth. This will allow you to surf better and for longer in winter. 

9. Use the right wax for the water temp

Summer = Orange Sex Wax
Winter = Green Sex Wax
Indo = Red and Blue  Sex Wax 

10. Be happy and nice to people in the water

Surf to relax and have fun, not to be a hero.